October 8, 2008 at 4:16 am (Uncategorized)

I watched the Presidentail debate tonight and have to say I was underwhelmed. However, I expect most Americans are. We are expected to put so much hope and faith in these candidates, but the truth of the matter is that they are just humans, just like us. We have god-like expectations on failable humans. In a sense, it isn’t fair on them or us.

However, the idea of politics itself is somewhat difficult for me. The major concept behind politics, and democracy for that matter, is that the good for the majority is always what is important. I tend to take a different approach. When I watch the news, I feel overwhelmed about the problems in the world and I feel helpless. I realized recently though, that when I worry about those things on the grand scale, I am doing a job that I, nor any one human, is qualified for. What I am called and need to do is worry about the individual in front of me instead of the majority around me.

What if we all starting thinking this way? Can you imagine the revolution that would begin? What if the focus from this world stopped being “me” and suddenly became “you.” If we can focus and bless the one person in front of us who is hurting, the world would look entirely different.

This is why politics, or worrying about the majority, feels beyond me. I am sure glad that its not my role to fill, and I feel sorry for those who do.

Those are my thoughts.



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