Pointing Fingers

October 9, 2008 at 4:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Time for my first knee-jerk reaction post!

Over the past couple weeks, a lot of finger pointing has been going on, and i for one am sick of it. Especially when the finger pointing comes from Christians.

As Christians, where did we get this idea that pointing out who’s fault it is EVER helps a situation? Especially in one as large as our economic crisis right now when so many people are to blame. How does saying “It’s the democrats fault” or “it’s George Bush’s fault” fix the situation? Or does it just fan the flames of partisan bullshit that I am so very sick and tired of in this country.

My heart sobs over the amount of blaming, hatred, and pride that exists in this country, especially in the “evangelical” community, and those who claim to be a part of it. Fox news is just as bad as MSNBC and neither one is doing us or this country much good right now.

So I call upon Christians and non-Christians alike to please, PLEASE stop trying to attack, slander, blame or abuse each other. At risk of sounding like the Beatles and saying all we need is love, can’t we understand each other and realize that we are all in the same boat? We are human. We have failed. However, God looked at us and didn’t say “its your fault! You screwed it all up! It was so great until you came along, you terrible, horrible, pathetic human beings!” No! He didn’t say that! What he said was “Come, what ever has happened, what ever you or anyone else has done, I have forgiven you, and you should do the same.”

So let’s stop blaming. Let’s stop attacking. Let’s stop being so damned sure we are right and they are wrong, because in the bigger picture, we are all wrong because we are human and God has looked at us and has said “I have cleaned you. You are now worthy.”

Those are my thoughts.




  1. Branden said,

    It’s true. Let’s fix the problem now. We’ll have plenty of time to figure out exactly what caused things to be this way. When we figure it out, hopefully we can prevent it from happening again — though I wouldn’t bet too strongly that we’ll prevent these things from happening since, like you said, we’re all human and sinful by nature.

  2. Shawn said,

    Dude, I’m right there along with you. I agree with everything you said and oddly enough I had a big discussion about this topic at a little shin dig last night. Crazy!

    Keep the faith

  3. Joshua Arnold said,

    I agree in general principle, Aaron, with the point that finger-pointing and buck-passing are ways of avoiding problems, not of solving problems. But I’m curious: what blaming is this post refering to specifically, if any? If you’re referring to a particular current issue, at least as regards some of them, placing blame can be very constructive. With the economic collapse, for example, the present situation is quite similar to previous crises we’ve faced. In pointing blame, hopefully we can find out not only who messed up but how they messed up, and with this information, we can address the problems that lie beneath the collapse and hopefully avoid situations like this in the future.

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